The Audacity of Having a Dot-com with My Name Attached, AKA Writing Career: Here I Come!


Writing Career. In Process.

I can just hear my mother’s voice now–

“You’ve made a website with your name on it?  Who do think you are, missy?”

Mom was always one to bring me down to earth, make sure I knew that I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like everybody else.  Well, sorry Ma–I’ve got a book that’s being published soon, so I’m supposed to have something very important called “Platform.”

Hence, the website and this blog.  Platform means that my voice, my presence is felt resoundingly, echoing across the virtual halls of the internet.  Platform means that people think that what I have to say matters. Platform means selling books. (just keeping it real)

OK.  Let’s whip up some platform real quick.

I’ve thought and thought about what my particular niche in the writing and children’s/teen lit blogoshpere might be.  I went through all the usual possibilities like reviewing books or creating carefully curated lists like “20 books featuring red-headed witty orphans” or “15 books for teen boys trying to impress their hot book nerd girlfriends,” but I feel like that angle’s been done to death.

I considered a blog about teaching how to write, but good grief, I’m just barely starting to feel like I know what I’m doing AT ALL.  Not time to write a blog teaching about writing yet, methinks.  Check out my friend and critique partner’s great website, for that kind of stuff.  It’s packed with all her best advice, and she’s a great teacher.

Nah, none of those blogs are what I need to write.  I realized that what I have to offer is just me and my experience.  Less than a year ago, I was just another writer, like you maybe–full of talent and promise, and positively ITCHING to get an agent, an editor, anything.  Now, I’ve got a GREAT agent and I have my first book deal, but back then, I really could’ve used a blog where someone walked me through his or her experience of going through the early stages of creating a writing career.   I could’ve used someone telling me the real stuff, unfiltered and un-beautified, about the process of being a fledgling professional writer. So that’s my angle.  I’m gonna keep it real, warts and all.  If I turn out to be a super professional, hyper-published author, this will be fabulous and you’ll be glad you followed from the beginning.  If not, it will at least be riveting tragedy.  Share any and all posts on your favorite social media, please!  Platform, here I come!

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