Vegan Kids Unite Reviews

vegan kids 3

From Amazon verified purchases:

“I’ve been looking for a good vegan/vegetarian cookbook as a few of my teenagers have recently “converted.” From the title, I was afraid that this would be a cookbook for children or, worse, a manifesto about the “virtues” of vegan eating. I was dead wrong. This is a solid, easy-to-follow, funny cookbook. As someone who is new to vegan cooking, I particularly enjoyed the “Short Glossary of Unusual and Scary Vegan Ingredients,” a chapter that raised my comfort level with this new style of food prep. Each recipe has a cozy little introduction as if Robinson were introducing you to a new friend, followed by STUFF YOU NEED and WHAT YOU DO. You might feel as if you are in Robinson’s kitchen as she includes lots of tips to elevate the recipes to “super yumminess” (in her words). It’s a fun and informative book. You won’t regret buying it!”

“I’ve been vegan for 15 years and have found myself getting really lazy about cooking. We’d gotten into a food rut. Vegan Kids Unite has inspired me! I love how easy the recipes are to make. My kids have eaten everything I’ve made – no complaining, and have even asked for more! “The bowls” have been our favorites. Many of these recipes have already become family favorites.”

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