It’s All About the Wait


Writing Career.  In Process.

I’m pretty sure I’m actually 1/2 professional writer and 1/2 professional waiter at this moment in my itty bitty baby career.  As far as I can see, it’s really all about the wait.  I wait for the contract, I wait for the royalty advance, I wait for my agent to read new manuscripts, I wait for my editor to read revisions, I wait, I wait, I wait.  Nothing is fast.  All this waiting is the name of the game in the writing/publishing business, but it is fairly new to me.  So I am learning how to wait.

The current set of waiting I’m doing is for part deux of my advance, for my editor to read revisions, and (the one I’m most excited about) waiting on negotiations with a certain illustrious illustrator I’m crossing my fingers will agree to do my book.  Not to mention I’m waiting until 2017 for my book to actually be on the shelves!  (18 months is a typical turnaround for a picture book.)  How many times have I heard “Your book STILL isn’t out yet?”  Argh.  No, not yet.  No, there’s nothing wrong.  It’s normal and expected.

And there’s more waiting to come: I’m turning in revisions tomorrow to my agent for two more manuscripts. And after that, I will wait.  My agent is fabulous and hard-working–she negotiated a deal DURING labor!–and my editor is equally on-point.  But there’s only one of them, and lots of writers and books they’re dealing with.  I’m surprised they get back to me as quickly as they do.  Still, though, waiting is not my best thing.waiting

As I watch the mailbox and the inbox, all I can do is keep writing.  It’s all that really helps with the waiting and the impatience.  Just keep writing.  I’m pretty sure this is the true purpose of the wait.

Just keep writing.

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